We pride ourselves on installing quality PVC fascia, soffits and gutters to an high standard. We would NEVER overclad your home. The main reason for this is due to the changes in the climate. Your roofline is the most exposed area on the outside of your home. In the heavy rain and winds that we seem to have with more frequency, water can more easily penetrate at the back of the fascia and cause the roof joists to rot.

To cover over the existing timber would lead to future problems with the timber still left to rot and swell behind, causing more problems. All our fascia and soffit installations are vented with Over Fascia Vents to vent the roof space. Eaves protectors are fitted under the roofing felt to protect the joists by directing the rainfall into the gutters. Bird combs are fitted to prevent birds nesting in the roof space. We are able to offer a range of colours and styles of gutters, Squareline, Round, Ogee, and also a Cast Iron effect which looks well on traditional properties. Were necessary, we also fit dry verge, dry ridge and hip. Leaving your home completely maintenance free and protected from the elements.

fascia & soffits


Our team are here to help you pick the ideal fascia’s and soffits for your needs, taking into consideration any access requirements, thermal insulation, specific drainage issues and specific weather requirements. 

fascia & soffits

Project Process

With a fast building period, your new roof will be completed without any constructional work required inside your property unlike traditional pitched roofs.

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